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You Belong Here!

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Our Mission

Everyone Included 
Everyone Challenged 
Everyone Successful 

You Belong here! Run The Edge welcomes all humans and even some four legged non humans. EVERYONE is welcome regardless of age, skill, zip code, wallet size, or primary form of transportation.


Testimonials: Read about why you belong here!

Marilyn Simmons Bowe (@mylongestrun)

Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings each day Run The Edge! Your challenges give me a reason - especially on the days when life gets in the way of running!!

Molly Williams (@disney_walking_ww)

This group makes me smile. The support/encouragement everyone shows in here is amazing! Smiling/being happy is contagious. Send someone a smile tonight. Encourage someone. I promise you will make someone's night and your own as well.

Tony Garcia

It is a celebration. Of health, fitness, wellness, goals achieved, milestones reached. It is a celebration of you.


What a great 5 miles with my family biking along. I'm not to Washington DC with my virtual miles yet... but I must say this was a motivating experience! Bring on the Amerithon Challenge!

Bob Merrill

Thank you for having put together a great site where we can share life's stories. It has opened a new door for many who have been fortunate enough to have traveled through this year long challenge/journey!

I have just loved combining my usual outdoor exercise boot camp program with this Challenge. I just turned 64 this month and can not wait to age up to the next age group. With stronger legs, my trainer was so impressed with my short bursts of speed he even recommended that I sign up for a Senior Track & Field event! Told him I'll plan to in a year....That just made my day.

You don't know what true dream this is for me as I never played any sports after high school and due to desk job and life's commitments just kept getting in worse and worse shape. I had a wakeup call at around 56 hiking with friends and fell far behind just trying to catch my breath. Shortly after I got an opportunity to attend a boot camp which I love and was pointed to by my trainer to look into RTY 2015. I Still have family commitments so it is hard to purely run all the miles but definitely appreciate the acceptance by the group to run/walk.crawl. Thanks again!

Mary Brecht

This challenge is not for the faint of heart. It will task you physically and emotionally. It can take you on a spiritual journey and teach you about yourself. It can teach you compassion for others. It can show you the meaning of discipline. It can bring out your determination and grit. I feel grateful to be surrounded by amazing and supportive people here in this group and the life lessons you teach me. Be kind, be strong and be true.

Marilyn Seiber

You may be interested in how Run the Year/Edge helps change lives, and I want to tell you how grateful I am to you and your team. Aside from my story, you have an incredible program, team, and just wonderful, joyful events. I love your videos, and all that you do to make the program fun. So for my story of gratefulness to you:

My husband, age 64, died suddenly last year of cardiac arrest on his bike, totally out of the blue and unexpected. He landed on his head (even with helmet) and six days later died of head trauma. We both were retired and did triathlons together (I was 71 at the time) and I had just finished Iron Girl, placing first, three days before. We exercised together every day for three-plus-hours every morning and were inseparable 24/7, married 34 years (anniversary in the hospital). After Bill died, I stopped everything and saw no point in exercising without him, lost muscle, lost weight, lost any will to get back in the exercise game. 

Run the Year changed that. My sister found your program the last week of December and I signed up with her. It got me going, albeit small scale, but going. It was the fun and motivation and not letting down my sister that pushed me every day to run and walk. Slowly, I regained some enthusiasm, but still am not back to the full triathlon training, though I did one in June nearby that Bill and I had done five times and had planned to enter again. But your program has motivated me to try, and Amerithon means I can bike and swim and it counts…though I have not really been in the pool much. 

So thank you for your incredibly well-run program, the enthusiasm and fun of it. You have saved me from not starting up again and for that I will be always grateful.  

Just wanted you to know that you and Run the Edge make a difference in ways you cannot imagine.  And for that I am forever grateful.