5 reasons to sign up for the Early Bird Registration

5 reasons to sign up for the Early Bird Registration

The early bird gets the worm… and the best deal on registration for Run The Year 2023! Our annual fitness challenge is back for a ninth year and early bird registration is open. Join thousands of other participants that have already signed up for the challenge that encourages them to move all year round. How far can you go in 2023? 

We know what you might be thinking - why sign up now when the challenge doesn’t even start until January 1, 2023? Check out the top 5 reasons to sign up for the Early Bird Registration

1. Lowest registration price

Right now, the cost to register for Run The Year 2023 with Early Bird Registration is only $25! That’s the cheapest it will be all year, so if you’re planning on participating, you’ll save money by signing up early. With your $25.00 registration, you get access to our online tracker, access to a private Run The Year community, the ability to customize your goals and create a team of up to 100 people, and a 2023 mileage guide to help you meet your goals! 

2. The most complimentary swag

With your $25 Early Bird Registration, you can also get up to $107 in complimentary merch! As an "Early Bird," you get: 

  • A $30 coupon to spend on select challenges and swag. (Coupon valid until 8/23. Not valid for Run The Year 2023 products or registrations and charity challenges.)
  • 15% off each 2023 item you add to your cart 
  • A free Legacy Coin with the purchase of any 2023 item
  • A free 2023 keychain with the purchase of any 2023 item
  • The five 2023 Streaker Challenges 
  • The 2022 Hug A Runner Challenge 

If you would like any of all of these additional items, early bird registration gets you them for free!

3. Early access to the private Facebook community

Run The Year registrants can join the private Run The Year Facebook group where participants cheer each other on, as for advice, and make connections with other participants! Once you register, you can request to join the group and start sharing goals and plans. There has already been a lot of activity within the group, so join soon so you don’t miss out! 

Oh, and here’s a secret - we have our own platform just for our community coming soon, and Run The Edge challenge participants will be the first to know about it!

4. More time to create your schedule

Whether you’re shooting for completing all 2023 miles, or you’ve teamed up with friends or family and have a different individual goal, covering that many miles will be an accomplishment! You’ll probably want time to determine when you can fit your miles in, how many miles per day you can accomplish, and how you want to complete your miles. If you sign up for the Early Bird Registration, you’ll be giving yourself as much time as possible to put together a schedule for completing those miles!

You can also check out our training plans if you’re trying to increase miles and we provide a mileage guide with your registration as well!

5. More time to find your team

We’ve always included the ability to form teams, but this year is the first year you can have teams of up to 100! You can also adjust your teams’ goal to double the yearly mileage, triple the yearly mileage, or even 10x the yearly mileage. If this sounds like something your interested in, you probably need some time to get your team together! Signing up for Early Bird Registration gives you the most amount of time you can have to convince your friends and family to join your team or find teammates in the private Facebook post.

Friends don’t let friends miss out on deals, so be sure to let them know about the early bird registration special, too!

Overall, if you’re thinking about participating in Run The Year 2023 (or if you’ve just started to consider it!), signing up for the Early Bird Registration not only gives you the best deal with the cheapest price and best swag, but allows you to have time to find a team, create your training plan, and set yourself up for success!

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