5 upgrades to your favorite fitness challenge

5 upgrades to your favorite fitness challenge

You asked, and we listened! For all you non-runners and walkers out there, or for all you walkers and runners that want to upgrade your repertoire with different activities, Run The Year 2023 isn’t just running or walking anymore. In 2023, we’re adding biking, swimming, and any other form of distance-based exercises to the line-up! So, if you’re looking for a 2023 biking challenge, 2023 swimming challenge, 2023 running or walking challenge, or a 2023 fitness challenge that encompasses all of your favorite activities, look no further!

Run The Year got a few upgrades

1. Cover the miles YOUR way

In an effort to be more accessible to everyone that wants to join in on the challenge, participants can now run, walk, bike, swim, or even hopscotch their way across 2023 miles. If you want to run/walk, nothing changes! BUT if you would like to bike, swim, or mooove the year, you can tell the tracker to keep a tally of those miles! This is your challenge, so complete it exactly the way you want. Want to bike the year? Do it! Want to swim the year? Do that! Want to cover 2,023 miles with a combination of your favorite ways to exercise? That’s totally an option.

2. Create teams of up to 100

We’ve upped the limit on team sizes…wayyyy up! Previously, teams were limited to 5, but that left people out, split up friends and family, etc! To bring people together, instead of splitting them up, we increased that limit. Want to form a team with 10 people? Do it! 20? Good to go! 100?! Hey, it's your challenge! Now that you can have as many people as you want on your team, you can double, triple, or even 10x your miles, getting new badges every time you hit exciting milestones!

3. Participate in a NEW private community

We've built you a new community platform to connect with other participants! This community is free from ads, noise, and all other nonsense so you can be fully vested in your RTY journey, congratulate each other on achievements, find a team, and ask for recommendations. This is a great place to connect with other people that are running the year, biking the year, swimming the year, or just moving the year in general. And, if we do say so ourselves, it is a better Community platform than our Facebook groups! Since we designed it ourselves, it’s designed and organized for YOU, with a place specifically to ask questions, another space to find teams, a section for partners to provide information, and more.

4. Put together your own fully customizable RTY package

When registering, you’re no longer constrained by package options. Instead, get everything that you want and nothing that you don’t! Add on all your favorites, from medals to hoodies to t-shirts, but you avoid purchasing things you don’t want or need. Want a t-shirt, but not a medal? You can do that! Want two tshirts, and a medal? Hey, it’s your registration! Don’t want anything yet? Well, this package is your oyster BUT our merch is looking mighty fine this year. We’re even offering customizable t-shirts for 2023, since we’re including more miles than just running and walking miles. Now that  you can bike the year, swim the year, and move the year in general, you can get a t-shirt that reflects your own fitness challenge - this year, there are the following t-shirts: 

  • Run The Year 2023
  • Walk The Year 2023
  • Bike The Year 2023
  • Move The Year 2023

This new registration set up allows us to reduce waste in multiple ways. First, we can pre-order items since we’re shipping in February instead of before the New Year and therefore won’t have too many extra items laying around! And second, you don’t have to purchase something you don’t want (and won’t use), just because you want the other item that’s in the package. It’s a win-win, we’d say.

5. Choose from 4 different medals

We’ve been emphasizing that this is YOUR 2023 fitness challenge and you can complete it your way, and we mean that! With such an individualized challenge, everyone will have different goals, and we want to support each and every one of them. You have the option to purchase medals for 500, 1000, 1500, or 2023 miles. Whether your goal for the year is one of these milestones and you want the medal that reflects that, or you want to celebrate each along the way, we have something to help keep you on track!

We hope you’re as excited about these upgrades as we are! Overall, we know each one will make the challenge more inclusive and accessible, and we’re looking forward to crushing 2,023 miles (or more!) with you.

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