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I remember distinctly when I was a little girl my father constantly telling me to say “thank you” and be grateful for what I had rather than dwell on what I didn’t have. While I know I said thank you often, the concept of deep gratitude is not as easy as saying a few words.

They say gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions someone can feel, and when you’ve experienced it you know the truth in that statement. It fills you up and can wash away a bad day. It can inspire you and it can humble you. Gratitude is a gift.

At Run The Edge we are overwhelmed by the amazing people that make up our community of runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, swimmers, rowers, adventure seekers and everything in between. The love and passion we witness daily from our participants makes us feel beyond grateful.

SO, this is all to say all of us here at Run The Edge are grateful beyond measure and aim to spread the passion of our community more and more with every passing day, month and year.

Our ask this holiday season? Share your gratitude...share it in big and small ways. Say thank you, smile and remember all that you do have. We’ll get you started...share the image below and tell someone you are grateful for them!

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