Seven Signs You May Love Running Too Much

Seven Signs You May Love Running Too Much - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week we want to ask you a few questions: Are you wildly, madly, passionately, head-over-heels in love... with running?  Do you savor your long runs, relish in your workouts, and yearn for your next chance to get out the door and spend time with yourself on the road? Are you consumed with thoughts and daydreams that reflect your passion for running?  Are you hooked on the feeling you get from a good workout, and over the moon about running at night? If you answered “yes” to any part of these questions, you may want to take the test below.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a holiday where we express our love and affection for the significant others in our lives. But what if your significant other is not a person? A healthy appreciation for running is a good thing, but can we love running too much? Even if you are currently single, you can look for the danger signs that your love for running has gone over the top. Below are seven signs that your true Valentine is running. If you score over six points, you may want to consider couples' therapy!

Let the quizzing begin...

  • Do you think about running more during the day than you do your love interest? Reflect on your random thoughts throughout the day. How many times does your sweetie pop unexpectedly into your mind compared to running? If you think about running more often, give yourself a point.
  • Do you sneak off to run? Like a lovers tryst, do you find a time when no one will miss you at work or at home, and then secretly get in a quick run?  If you ever do this, even occasionally, give yourself a point.
  • Consider the following adjectives commonly associated with love. If you can apply more than half of them to running, award yourself a point. Passion, Desire, Appreciation, Devotion, Commitment, Affection, Attachment, Adoration.
  • Would you rather have a painful sports massage than a relaxing massage given by your significant other? Imagine this: your sweetheart gives you a coupon for “One free massage” hoping to personally give it to you. Even if you would take the massage from your sweetheart, give yourself a point if you would rather have received a coupon for a sports massage.
  • Do you get more depressed when you can’t run for a day or when you have to go a day without the love of your life? People in love tend to long for each others’ company. They pine for one another, and time apart can be difficult. Would it upset you more to be away from your significant other for a week or not be able to run? If you answered “run” give yourself a point.
  • Is your idea of a romantic dinner carbo-loading? Your main squeeze wants to take you out for a nice romantic meal and says you can pick the restaurant. Knowing you have a long run the next day, you decide on some cheap pasta and lots of bread. You also request to go early so you can get to sleep before 10:00 to rest up. If this is something you would do, you get a point.
  • What type of jewelry would you like to get? If your dearest love wanted to take you shopping for a new piece of jewelry and said you could get a ring, necklace, watch, earrings, or whatever you desire, would you rather get the latest GPS watch or other running accessory?  If so give yourself a point.

NOW Count up your points!

  • If you scored 0 or 1, you are either a beginning runner, or you have a fantastic Valentine.
  • If your scored between 2 and 4, congratulations! You have a healthy relationship with both running and your significant other. You are well balanced in your love of both running and your partner.
  • If you scored 5 or 6 you are in the danger zone. Consider ramping up the romance with your partner a bit or mellowing out a little on the running to bring yourself into balance. Find a way to share some of your passion for running with your honey.
  • If you scored 7 points, we understand your love of running but think you might need a new romance in your life that can stir the same fire in your heart. Relationship therapy is a real possibility for you.
  • Remember that the above quiz was just for fun and, like most things we write in this blog, should not be taken seriously. But seriously... we LOVE you and the Run the Edge community! In fact we love you so much that we wrote you a little Valentine’s day poem:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We love running...
Be back in about an hour ❤️
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