The 8 Best Things about Run The Edge Virtual Challenges

The 8 Best Things about Run The Edge Virtual Challenges - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

So many of us love the feeling of completing a set course and crossing a finish line to cheering crowds, so the lack of in-person races this season has been difficult to bear. Though several of the bigger events have been canceled outright, many of them have become virtual races than can be completed without the need to travel, mingle with crowds, or begin at a certain time. RTE has been virtual from the beginning, and over the last few years, we have come to see many surprising benefits of virtual challenges! Read on to discover how awesome virtual challenges can be, and consider taking on some of them yourself: 

The 8 Best Things About RTE Virtual Challenges

  1. You can do them wherever you want. Seriously. You could run a virtual marathon in your living room! 
  2. You can do them whenever you want. Our virtual challenges offer generous time-windows to complete them, so you can fit it to YOUR schedule! The long-term ones give you a year, or simply a mileage goal to hit on your own time!
  3. The virtual community is awesome. If you don’t believe us, visit our facebook page and see the hype for yourself! 
  4. Your swag is sent to you. Oh, did you think that just because you’re not running with a lot of other people at once, you’re not getting a shirt and medal? Think again! You did the mileage, you’ve earned some bling. 
  5. Extreme customer service. At RTE, we really REALLY care about your experience, so we work hard to respond to emails within 24 hours, streamline the returns/ exchanges process so you can have the swag you want, and apply your feedback to future products and challenges!
  6. Our custom-built tracker is awesome. We have worked hard to create a platform that is both ergonomic and motivating. You can sync your Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit, Garmin, FitBit, or Strava account to our tracker for easier logging, or you can manually enter and edit your miles! You’ll also be inspired by the badges that pop up as you rack up miles!
  7. Virtual challenges can help develop good habits. It can seem lonely without the crowds and spectators to cheer you on, but virtual races and challenges give you motivation while helping you hold yourself accountable! You are the only one who can decide when to show up for a virtual race.
  8. Virtual challenges come in a huge variety. We offer a wide range of challenges that can suit any fitness goal. From one-off races to exercising your way across the country, we have a challenge that will fit in with you time, goals, and fitness to help you stay on track!
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