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To all of our Run The Edge Family, 

We all started 2020 with dreams, goals, ambitions, and a whole slew of big plans. We were finally ready to conquer those mountains and chase those unicorns down. Unfortunately, we have entered a time of widespread uncertainty where it has been necessary to postpone or cancel certain events that many of us have been anticipating and training for during the last several months. Even those of us who had no races or meetups marked on our calendars have experienced the effects of COVID-19 on the running and fitness community in general. The future is nebulous and it is more important now than it ever has been to unite and support each other in whatever goals we are still pursuing. Though races may be canceled, that does not mean that our goals and aspirations are any less real. In fact, they are now more important than ever, but we do not need a crowd or audience to witness us. In the spirit of honoring your dedication and enthusiasm for walking, running, and racking up miles any way you can, and as a balm to soothe the sting of canceled races or postponed events, we at Run The Edge are putting together a new event series: the Un-Canceled Project

Our mission with the Un-cancelled Project (or UP) is to give you all the opportunity to smash the goals you have been training for. We refuse to make a profit from this global crisis, so participation will be free; we at Run The Edge strive to ameliorate the current circumstances instead of capitalizing on them. Our aim will be to provide you with a tracker feature that will allow you to select the distance of the race(s) you were supposed to run in April and choose a day to run it. You will receive a special customizable bib once you have completed your “race” and a badge will appear in your tracker. Hopefully, this will help satisfy that urge we all have to see our goals through to the end and provide you with a platform to properly brag about your accomplishments!

In addition to the virtual races, there will be weekly themes centered around positive aspects of the human spirit that cannot be canceled. The first week’s theme for all the virtual race distances is “Gratitude Un-Canceled,” which includes the themed customizable “bib” below:


On top of all we've mentioned, we will have weekly prize drawings from our amazing partners. One prize in particular is worth over $3,000! The announcement on this awesome prize coming TOMORROW!

We are a community that supports and inspires each other, no matter how dire things seem. This is a chance for all of us to not only reap the benefits of our hard training, but also weather this storm with our motivation, determination, and generosity intact. Now is when we need our stellar community to come together and show its real power, which lies in lending strength and support to one another. If you or someone you know has had an event canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, never fear: you can still run or walk it with Run The Edge! Keep encouraging your friends and family to chase their goals while you continue to chase your own (and, of course, while observing all safety recommendations from global and local health authorities). 

Click HERE to learn more about the Un-Canceled Project and register!

With Love,

The Run The Edge Team - Adam, Mimi, Kelsey, Briana, and Tim

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