Un-Canceled Project Week 4: Inspiration Un-Canceled

Un-Canceled Project Week 4: Inspiration Un-Canceled - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

Welcome to Week 4 of the Un-Canceled Project, Run The Edge’s free virtual challenge series that allows everyone to safely complete their canceled races, meetups, and events! In case you missed it, you can read about the last three weeks’ themes here


We all have something that pulls us toward a goal, that drives us to improve, and that we aspire to reach one day. That “something” is Inspiration, our Un-Cancelable human quality for this week! Nowhere in the world do you find inspiration in more abundance than in the running, walking, sports, and fitness communities, though it is intrinsic to all people. We are a goal-oriented species, and we are constantly striving to be better. Improvement is in our nature, so we look to examples of how to improve, how to do better, and what steps to take to reach the goals we set for ourselves. So share what inspires you! We all need some more sources of Inspiration. Post your favorite quote, story, or image, and tag someone in your life who inspires you. 

We at Run The Edge draw our inspiration from all the amazing people who do our challenges. You constantly impress us and make us want to do better!

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