The best of FitLife

When we reflect back on our FitLife journey it's amazing to see all that was accomplished. It all started with The Un-Canceled Project, a challenge series we created during the spring of 2020. Our intention was to combat the disappointment felt by the fitness community in the wake of so many canceled events by not only providing physical fitness challenges but also presenting other positive aspects of life that cannot be canceled. These “un-cancelable” qualities showed us that virtual challenges have the power to motivate us to improve not only our physical health but also the fitness of our minds.

Through The Un-Canceled Project, we raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity and found new friends via this amazing community. We wanted to create an enduring challenge that also addressed the mental and emotional aspects of health. These are equally important, and go hand-in-hand with the concept of a “Fit Life.” Our mission was to infuse the physical challenges with intention, positivity, and fun in order to strengthen the mind right alongside the body! In the end, we fell short of growing FitLife to a sustainable level but we know what we built made a difference because through it we gained strength through YOU!

So, without further ado, we give you The Best Of FitLife. A wacky, curated compilation of some of our favorite series for you to enjoy for two whole months (June AND July). Yes, you have two monthsto take advantage of this "Best Of" smorgasbord so don't feel like you need to get them all checked off right away!


Bear Snacks Challenge

In the beekeeping world, a “bear snack” is the term for when a bear breaks into a hive and gouges out a huge claw full of honey. This is devastating to the bees who had been happily filling up their hive with honey stores for the winter months, but rather than give up, the bees double their efforts to store even more honey and repair the damage. The hive ends up stronger and even better prepared for winter than it would have been if the bear had never taken a snack.

Over the course of our lives, we experience our own “bear snacks” where an event that is initially destructive ends up making us refocus and take action. Like the bees, we become stronger and find ourselves in a better place than if that event never happened. However, instead of calling them “bear snacks,” we often refer to these events as “Transformative Experiences." Find YOUR "bear snacks" in this Best Of challenge series with theBear Snack 5K, 8K, 10K, and 15K.

The Edge Series

Want to know how "Run The Edge" got its name? Discover what "The Edge" means to us and how you can find YOUR edges in this Best Of challenge series with The Edge 5K, 8K, 10K, and 15K.

Impact Challenge

We all possess tremendous power to make an impact in the lives of others. The Impact series is all about finding ways in your life, no matter how small, that can impact other people. You can make an impact with a simple compliment, a phone call to check in on an old friend, a small donation to a charity, or just a smile and a wave to a stranger passing by. Take on this Best Of challenge series with the Impact Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra!

Inception Challenge

Inception was the beginning of something big. It was a new journey for us at Run The Edge and also for our FitLife Founding Members. Take on this Best Of challenge series with the INCEPTION 5K, 8K, 10K, and 15K.

Maslow Challenge

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory of motivation in the field of psychology which posits that we can achieve the best version of ourselves when all of our needs, both physiological and psychological, are met. Try the distances in this Best Of series to discover more about human needs and how we can meet them with the Physiological Needs 5K, Safety and Security 8K, Love and Belonging 10K, Esteem Half Marathon, and Self-Actualization Marathon.

Trick or Treat... We Had To :)

While there’s no guarantee of free candy in this series, we wanted to immerse you in all the other fun parts of Halloween! Very few people run while trick or treating, so take this opportunity to rack up some walking miles. Reminisce on days of candy and costumes with this Best Of series by taking on the Fun Sized 1 Mile, Jack-o-lantern 2 Miles, Haunted House 3 Miles, Black Cat 4 Miles, Graveyard 5 Miles, Best Costume 6 Miles, and Full Bars 7 Miles!

Best Of Face The Music Series

Best Of Face The Music!

Well... don't blame us for throwing in a few classics here! For our Best Of roundup, we have... Jazz Edition, Summer Jams, Sea Shanty, Scary Movie, Last Days of Summer, Celtic Folk, Bagpipes, Halloween, Sara's Birthday, French Pop, and French Classical. 


Podcast Discovery Series

Taking the time out of your day to exercise may seem like enough of a task. It isn't an experience that should require too much thought. However, the ancient saying "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" means "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" to us modern humans. The Podcast Discovery Series is designed to let you sample podcasts (audio shows delivered via the Internet) that will open your mind to a wide range of topics. Before you know it, you will already be looking forward to your next discovery activity!

Our Best Of Line-Up:

99% Invisible, The Happiness Lab, Outside Podcast, Fuel for the Sole, Run Farther & Faster, The Atlas Obscura, Twenty Thousand Hertz, Office Ladies, and The Morning Shakeout.

In Real Life Series

We understand that every now and then you may be inspired to sign up for a race. It may be the Boston Marathon or a local charity run. No matter what event you wish to attend, the IRL Race Series has you covered.

What really makes this series special is that if you attach a picture of your race bib to your registration, we will use that bib on your calendar! That's right, your actual bib will be shown! 🤗

The Boring Series

These events are not your high-status, brand-name distances. They are about as exciting as your daily multi-vitamin: they’re probably good for you, but they are so hard to swallow.

The distances in this series may lack the pomp and circumstance of those fancy “5Ks” or “Half Marathons,” but they will always be here for you. In fact, they are so boring and stable that we will never change them! If you have the moxie to complete each one of these distances, then you’re probably the kind of person who can fall asleep at a New Year’s Eve party!

The good news is that boring miles are just as healthy as exciting miles. So celebrate the boredom and earn these badges whenever you just need an excuse to get out and move!