There are so many ways to get in 2,020 miles in a single year!

Below are four plans to help you map out how to accomplish your 2020 goals. Each plan is based on how many miles you would like to get in each week.

For example: If you are on a team of 4 people you may have a goal of 10 miles each week. A team of 2 might want the 20 miles a week plan. Remember, you can divide the miles up between teammates any way you like!

If you want to complete the challenge solo,'ll need to check out the 40 mile a week plan! We want you to be successful in reaching your goal for 2020, so choose the plan below that fits you best!

(Simply click on the images below to download your plan toward crushing 2,020 Miles In 2020!)

10 Miles Per Week:


20 Miles Per Week:

30 Miles Per Week:

40 Miles Per Week: