Run The Year FAQ

If answering questions were a race...we'd win...ok maybe not, but we'd get an E for effort!

Tracker questions

  • How does the tracker work?

    The Run The Edge Run The Year Tracker is designed to be simple and easy to use!  This video gives you an overview of most of the functionality of our tracker.

  • Is there an "app"?

    Yes!  The Tracker is a web app, so once you add it to your phone or mobile device it will work just like a normal app.  It takes about 30 seconds to add the tracker to your phone with nothing to download from the app store.

     Here is a link to the instructions for your particular mobile device.

  • Tell me about customizable goals!

    The Run The Year Tracker allow you to choose 500, 1000, 1500, or 2023 miles as a goal. This will change the progress meter on your home page and the gauge to let you know if you are on, ahead, or behind pace to reach your goal. NEW for 2023 you can also set team goals of up to 10X the year in miles!

    You can change your goal at anytime during the challenge. Check out the VIDEO. 

    No matter what your individual goal is, your team can still work to get the 2,023 miles together.  For example, you could be on a team of 4 people and each person sets their individual goal to 500. When each person hits that goal, you're already at 2,000 team miles! The only other questions is: who does that last 23?  :)

    When you log into your Tracker go to the Account Settings to change your goal.

  • Tell me about syncing! Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Strava

    The Run The year tracker makes it easy to sync popular devices. You can also do Manual Entry if you like. 

    Here are links to tutorial videos that show you how to sync each device to the tracker:





  • Tell me how to manually enter my miles!

    Entering your miles in the tracker is easy and fun. Many people prefer to manually enter their miles instead of syncing so they can watch the numbers change and see their progress each day.

    You can also have your manually entered miles go to multiple challenges. 

    Take a look at this video to see what manually entered miles look like and how to count them for multiple challenges.

  • Help! I can't log in!

    Some email clients are picky and may identify password resets as spam. If you have any trouble logging in or need us to reset your password for you, please send us an email at and we will be able to help!


  • Tell me about teams!

    Each team member must register individually first. Teams are then formed inside the tracker. Teams can be created as soon as you register.

    You can be on a team AND also do the challenge solo! The tracker will keep track of both your individual and team miles.

    NEW in 2023, you can form teams of up to 100 people! The hardest part is coming up with an awesome team name!

    Here is a video that shows you how teams work: See Teams Video

  • Can I be on more than one team?

    Our tracker is only able to keep track of you on one team at a time. Everything is attached to your email address. It is possible to switch teams inside the tracker whenever you like, but your miles will go with you when you switch.

  • Does everyone get a medal?

    It is up to you! Each person registers individually and chooses which package they would like to have.  Some people like to share a medal with their team and others like to have their own.


  • What miles count?

    Previously, participants would have to run or walk to complete the challenge, but not anymore! To be more accessible to all, participants can now run, walk, bike, swim, or even hopscotch their way across 2023 miles. If you want to run/walk, nothing changes! BUT if you would like to bike, swim, or mooove the year, you can tell the tracker to keep a tally of those miles!

    There is debate each year over counting “intentional” miles versus using “daily steps.” This is up to you! Everyone’s challenge is different. The important question is, “Are you taking more steps each day because of this challenge?” If so, then this is in the right spirit. We want people to move more, get more miles, and be more active. This is your challenge, so you get to decide which miles to track!

    LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Each person comes to this challenge with unique circumstances, perspectives, and opinions. Please do not get involved in arguments or debates over what counts for miles. This is YOUR challenge. It is personal and customizable to YOU. If someone else is choosing to approach it differently, it will not affect how you take the challenge.

  • When will my stuff ship?

    All 2023 orders will ship in early-February.

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