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How far can you run and/or walk in 2023 with your puppers by your side? We know you cover a lot of miles with your trusty companion, so why not make it a goal to cover the year in miles together? This annual fitness challenge encourages movement all year long. The goal is simple: cover the year in miles with your dog by your side! Whether you run with your dog, walk with your dog, or walk other people’s dogs, this will get you and your furry companion up and moving throughout the whole year.

Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2023

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You + your pup(s)!

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Tracker Features

  1. 1
    Cover the miles your way

    Run and/or walk with your dog around town, on the trails... wherever your trusty companion leads you! If you want to add in miles from other activities, that's cool too! There’s a simple button inside the tracker you can toggle on if you’d like to keep a tally of those miles.

  2. 2
    Teams of up to 100

    We’ve upped the limit on team sizes…wayyyy up! Want to form a team with 10 people? Do it! 20? Good to go! 100?! Hey, it's your challenge! Now that you can have as many people as you want on your team, you can double, triple, or even 10x your miles, earning new badges as you reach bigger milestones.

  3. 3
    Private community on new RTE platform

    We've built a new community platform to connect with other participants! This community is free from ads, noise, and all other nonsense so you can be fully vested in your fitness journey, congratulate each other on achievements, find a team, and ask for recommendations.

New Registration Options

  1. 1
    Fully customizable packages

    Get everything that you want and nothing that you don’t! Add on all your favorites, from medals to hoodies to t-shirts, at a 15% discount.

  2. 2
    4 medals to choose from

    You have the option to purchase medals for 500, 1000, 1500, or 2023 miles. Whether your goal for the year is one of these milestones, or you want to celebrate each along the way, we have something to help keep you on track!

Run The Year 2023 Virtual Fitness Challenge Medals | Run The Edge

2023 Miles In 2023 Medals (Choose one or get all four!)

These interactive medals open to reveal a mirror with the word "finisher!" You'll be able to see yourself, the Finisher, within the medal.

Run The Year 2023 Virtual Fitness Challenge Hand Holding Medal | Run The Edge

Check Out The Official 2023 Miles In 2023 Medal!

Check Out The Official 2023 Miles In 2023 Medal!

What Our Participants Are Saying

Over the years, since 2015, I have become friends, in person and online, with some amazing people including the team at Run the Edge who have welcomed my wife and me to their offices multiple times…Thank you, Run The Edge, for creating these challenges!!!

Jason Tregler, 8-year participant

My 33 years of running have been accentuated by the Team at “Run The Edge”! The challenges that they have designed since 2015, have given me added motivation…I have had my share of getting into a rut. When this happens, I am spurred on by one of my many Run The Edge Challenges! 

Marilyn Simmons Bowe, 8-year participant

...I've run one mile minimum daily since then and I owe it all to RTY!!!!! I love my RTY family and I'm excited that I've inspired my niece to give it a go. Also, I'm obese and I appreciate the all encompassing inclusion of our group, I run slow as heck - but I run, nonetheless.

Tracy Valdez, 7-year participant

This, this post right here, and the others like this, the encouragement, motivation and constant positivity is why Run the Edge is my #1 running/walking/movement inspiring company that I follow, participate with and wrap myself up, proudly, in your swag. To the entire RTE team, thank you. Thank you!!

Deena Cota, 3-year participant

The community y’all have created is so much more than a run challenge. We are so thankful for y'all, and for the friendships created because of you. For posterity - Thank You for your quick replies and all your help! And if no-one’s told you lately, You Rock!!!

Maria Crompton, Brian Shaw, Bailey Shaw, Bo Shaw, 8-year participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question for us about the challenge? No question is too big or too small, but please don’t ask us about putting pineapple on a pizza. You’ll just start an argument.

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  • Tell me about the tracker!

    Every participant gets access to the tracker (see video) for both individual AND team miles! Updated for 2023, you can create teams of up to 100 and set HUGE goals of up to 10X the year (set your team goal in the tracker to be anywhere from 2023 - 20,230 miles!). You can track your own progress AND be on a team at the same time!

    Also new: cover the miles your way with settings that allow you to choose what activities count to get in the miles (bike the year, swim the year, just MOVE!). PLUS, we are launching a NEW custom private community app (we think you'll love it!).

    The tracker allows you to manually enter miles or sync with Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Strava. You also get access to our optional private Facebook community.

  • Tell me about teams!

    Teams are a great way to take the challenge with up to 100 people!

    Divide the miles any way you like and conquer the challenge together. (YES, teams of up to 100 people!)

    Each team member must register individually. You do not need to specify that you are on a team when you register.

    The hardest part is coming up with an awesome team name!

    Here is a video that shows you how teams works: See Teams Video

    You can take the challenge individually AND be on a team at the same time. The tracker will keep track of your team and individual miles.

  • Tell me about the swag!

    You just need to see it...check out all the awesome swag in our RTY Merch Collection.

  • Give me ALL the details!

    Want to read all the nitty-gritty details about Run The Year? Check out the detailed Run The Year FAQ page here!

  • Can I still register for RTY 2022?

    You sure can! GO HERE!

  • Tell me a joke!

    Q: What did the lion do when it saw a reflection of itself?

    A: It mir-roared