2024 April Hydration Streaker Challenge

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*NOTE - If you participated in a past Run The Edge event, please use the same email to ensure all your events are connected.

What's Included In This Package?

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  • Access to the Run The Edge Tracker - Track individual miles and earn badges for streaks of exercise!
  • Invite to private Facebook group
  • Entry into up to six drawings for awesome prizes! (If you earn all 6 badges you will be in ALL 6 drawings!)

Warning!  These Badges are PG 13. Earn them at your own risk!

      • Streak for 4 days - Earn the Aqua Athlete badge and one chance to win!
      • Streak for 8 days - Earn the Firehose Hydrator badge and two chances to win!
      • Streak for 12 days - Earn the Gulp Guru badge and three chances to win!
      • Streak for 16 days - Earn the Over-Hydrated Hero badge and four chances to win!
      • Streak for 25 days - Earn the Galloping Guzzler badge and five chances to win!
      • Streak for 30 days - Earn the Hydro-Streak Supreme badge and six chances to win!

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