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What's included in your $25 registration?

NOTE: This is registration for the 2023 challenge.  For Run The Year 2024 Click HERE

  • Access to online tracker (individual and teams)
  • $80 to spend on Nutrition from The Feed
  • Access to private community
  • Build your team
  • Customize your goals

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    What's New in 2023?

    Teams of up to 100 can go for HUGE goals of up to 10X the year! Set your team goal in the tracker to be anywhere from 2023 - 20,230 miles!

    Cover the miles your way. The settings in the tracker allow you to choose what activities count to get in the miles. If you want to run/walk, nothing changes! BUT if you would like to bike, swim, or mooove the year, you can tell the tracker to keep a tally of those miles!

    NEW custom private community app (we think you'll love it!) plus a private Facebook group (optional).

    4 crazy cool interactive medals. Choose your goal medal or get all 4 to celebrate each 500-mile achievement. Medals open when you reach your goal to show your reflection as a finisher!

    What is Run The Year 2023?

    Here are all the details!

      Run The Year® 2023 will be the ninth year of  Run The Edge's annual fitness challenge that encourages you to stay healthy and fit all year long. It is a fun, motivational, and community-based approach that has helped over 100,000 people achieve their fitness goals. For 2023 we have added even more ways to help you succeed!

      All registrations receive year-long access to Run The Edge's custom tracker, where you can track individual and team miles. You can earn bibs every 100 miles and receive motivation and stats throughout your journey!

      The tracker allows manual entry and editing and syncs with Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava.

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