2022 holiday gift guide for the runners in your life

2022 holiday gift guide for the runners in your life

The holidays are right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be wrapping up gifts for friends and family. And we all have that one person, or maybe two, in our lives that just wants new athletic gear (maybe it’s you - if it’s you, just go ahead and send this list right to your family and friends).

Shopping for runners can definitely be tricky - we’d probably stay away from purchasing things like sneakers (unless said runner has specified the sneaker!) or gels that could be good for one runner but not for another, but there are still plenty of options!

Gifts for runners under $25

From stocking stuffers, to gift exchanges, check out these gifts for runners under $25.

1. Nathan StrobeLight Bundle - Pack of Two

For the runner that gets up before the sun does or fits in a run after work. The Nathan Strobelight Bundle easily attaches to clothes and is a great substitute for headlamps which can feel clunky and bounce around a little too much.

Nathan Running Strobe Lights

2. Beanie with Rechargeable Light

For the runner that gets up before the sun does or fits in a run after work but is also chronically cold. This beanie has a special spot for the rechargeable light, so it doesn’t move around with any motion.

Beanie with Rechargeable Light

3. Running The Edge

For the runner that’s also a reader (or wants to become a runner and a reader). Written by our very own co-founders, Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano, Running The Edge encompasses Goucher and Catalano’s own experience with distance running and their own unique running philosophy to help other runners get and stay motivated.

Running The Edge Book

4. Stance socks

For the runner that wants to look and feel their best from their head to even their toes when running. Stance running socks grip your feet in all the right places and are right in that sweet spot between thick and thin.

Stance Running Socks

5. Positivity In Motion Miir Mug

For the caffeinated runner. Our Positivity in Motion Miir Mug keeps coffee or tea hot from before their run to after, even if their run is 12 hours long. 

Positivity In Motion Miir x Run The Edge Mug

6. Altra trail gaiters 

For the runner that is determined to run rain or shine. You can’t always control the weather, but with these Altra trail gaiters, you can control whether your feet will be caked in mud afterwards.

Altra Trail Gaters

Gifts for runners under $50

1. Run The Year 2023 Registration

For the runner that wants to set a big goal for the year, complete a challenge, needs some motivation, or is looking for a new community. With a Run The Year registration, you receive a full year of access to our mileage tracker, access to a private online community, and more.

Run The Edge 2023 Registration

2. Seven Sundays Muesli

For the runner that’s into quick, healthy breakfasts. Seven Sundays makes cereal and muesli that doesn't have any refined sugar, artificial flavors, or GMOs, and it’s totally plant-based. Runner-tested, Run The Edge approved.

Seven Sundays Cereal

3. Foam roller

For any and all runners. REI has some great foam rollers soothe tight muscles and work out soreness differently than stretching can alone. From sprinters to long-distance runners, intense to casual runners, the muscles will thank you. 

REI Foam Roller

4. Handsfree dog leash

For runners whose dog is their running buddy. This hands-free dog leash is another runner-tested, Run The Edge-approved gift (our own social media specialist uses hers every day!). There are some cheaper options out there, but this specific one allows you to run or walk with multiple dogs!

Handsfree Dog Leash

5. Ciele running hat

For the runner that finds themself running in the sun most of the time. These Ciele caps come in many different colors, so there’s an option for everyone. They’re light, breathable, and keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face - everything runners need in a cap. 

Ciele Running Hat

6. Nathan running belt

For the runner that always carries a lot of things with them, or just doesn’t like wearing vests. This Nathan running belt keeps all the running essentials secure, like a phone, headphones, ID, or credit cards (if you run with those), so runners can have a hands-free experience.

Nathan Running Belt


7. Run The Year 2023 Hoodie

For the runner that’s also into athleisure. The Run The Year 2023 Hoodie is a great additional layer for running or walking when it’s a little chilly outside but is also stylish enough to pair with jeans or leggings for a casual everyday look.

2023 Run The Year Hoodie

Gifts for runners under $75

1. Janji Multipass Sling bag

For the runners that need a little more than a belt, but a little less than a vest. This Janji Multipass Sling Bag has a two liter volume, secure, zippered pockets with a hook inside for keys, and is weather repellent. There are even two ways to wear it, so take it from the mountains to the brewery.

Janji Sling Bag

2. Amerithon Get It All Registration

For the runner that wants to learn about cool American landmarks from the comfort and accessibility of their own backyard. The Amerithon Get It All Registration comes with access to the Amerithon Tracker, milestones and badges for important landmarks as they run virtually from San Francisco to D.C., an Amerithon t-shirt, an interactive medal, map, and more!

Amerithon Get It All Registration

3. Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest 

Another gift option for the runner that finds themselves running before the sun comes up or after the sun goes down. The Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest is a great outfit addition to help runners stay safe in the dark; this one is ultra-lightweight and size-adjustable. 

 Rechargeable Running Vest

4. REI Co-op Swiftland 5’’ running shorts

For the runner that wants shorts that won’t ride up, ever. The REI Co-op Swiftland 5’’ Running Shorts are applauded by @immrsspacecadet herself and are definitely not thigh gobblers, meaning they won’t ride up runners’ thighs when they’re out running, which is not only annoying but can cause some uncomfortable chafing. Non-thigh gobbling shorts are definitely worth it. Here’s the men’s version of the same pair.

REI Co-op Swiftland 5’’ running shorts

Gifts for runners under $100

1. Sharper Image Massage Gun

Another one for any and all runners. This Sharper Image Massage Gun gets the blood flowing differently than stretching alone and can assist in recovery. And also just feels like a great at-home massage. The Sharper Image Massage Gun is just like the brand-named Theragun, but on the more affordable side.

Sharper Image Massage Gun

2. Salomon Essential Half Zip

For the runner that is outside rain, shine, or snow, and wants a versatile layer that’s even warm enough for skiing or biking during cold weather. This Salomon Essential Half Zip is great for layering and stylish enough to wear from the trails to a post-run coffee or drink.  

Salomon Essential Half Zip

3. Arc'teryx Long Sleeve Crew

For the runner that runs warm in the cold. The Arc'teryx Long Sleeve Crew is the perfect technical base layer for chillier weather with its breathable, quick-dry material. 

Arc'teryx Long Sleeve Crew

4. World Coffee Tour

For the runner that’s also a coffee connoisseur. This World Coffee Tour Box includes 16 incredible coffees from around the world and can come in whole bean or grounds. Pairs perfectly with our Positivity in Motion Miir Mug, and will help your runners stay caffeinated for all of their runs to come.

World Coffee Tour

Gifts for runners over $100

1. Salomon running vest

For the runner wanting to carry water on their long runs without having a bottle in hand. There are many vest options from Salomon, and you really can’t go wrong! The perks of a vest over a handheld bottle include hands-free running, a place to stash a phone or snacks, and if you get a vest with additional storage on the back, runners can carry along an extra layer if needed! 

Salomon Running Vest

2. Smith Bobcat Sunglasses

For your runners that want a versatile, lightweight pair of performance sunglasses. While these Smith Bobcat Sunglasses are on the more expensive end of sunglasses, they are lightweight, don’t slip down the nose, and can take athletes from running, to skiing, to biking, and everywhere in between.

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses

3. Roll Recovery R8

For the runner that isn’t a fan of the massage guns but wants something that provides a little more deep tissue recovery than a foam roller. This Roll Recovery R8 targets IT bands, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more. Basically, any muscle a runner needs rolled out, the R8 can handle it and take the work out of rolling. 

Roll Recovery Roll8

4. Shokz OpenRun Headphones

For the runner that runs in busy areas, or more desolate areas and wants to remain very aware of their surroundings. The Shokz OpenRun Headphones are bone-conducting, so they sit on the outside of the ear, are super lightweight, and have an 8-hour battery life. 

Shokz Open Run Headphones

5. Brooks Run Visible Thermal Hoodie

Another one to add to your list for the runner that finds themself running in the dark and wants some added safety. This Brooks Run Visible Thermal Hoodie is a great layer for staying warm as well as increasing visibility of the athlete in low light scenarios, with its contrasting colors and reflective material.

Brooks Run Visible Hoodie

6. Rawk The Year Membership

For your plant-based runners, or runners who are trying to be plant-based. Rawk The Year from Simple Green Smoothies offers personalized weekly meal plans, choosing from 400+ recipes, creating an automated shopping list to make health meal planning easier and more fun. 

Rawk The Year Membership

From your casual walker to your ultra runner, there’s something on here for everyone. Use caution when sharing this list, though, because the reader may just want it all! 

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