A Great Excuse to Stay Close to Friends

A Great Excuse to Stay Close to Friends - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

Sometimes the hardest thing is just showing up. Sometimes you just don't feel like working out. Sometimes you are tired and just want to sleep an extra hour. We get it! We have all been there. 

I don't know about you, but doing things that I don't want to do, especially when it comes to exercise, becomes a lot easier when I can do them with friends. Having someone by your side while you're pushing your limits makes the time go by quickly and brings a whole lot more fun to the situation. It's so much easier to start a long hike when you can strike up a conversation with a friend that passes the time and distance. Not only exercise itself but staying consistent with a workout plan can be one of those hard things made easier by friendship. It's hard enough to get up at "oh dark thirty" in the morning and roll out of bed to go for a workout, but when I meet up with friends it makes it not only fun but also worth it.

Linking exercise and friendship can also bring out some healthy competition: if I know my friend across town is getting up at 5:30 am to go for a run, it makes me want to get my rear in gear.  

Think about some of those key fitness goals you want to accomplish either by the end of the year or as a new year's resolution. Whether you want to lose 8 pounds, go from a walker to a runner, complete your first 10K, run a distance you completed 10 years ago, or even post a personal best time, stay consistent, have fun, and feel like you are not alone in your challenge is so important to accomplishing your goals.  

Have you ever seen the movie "TAG?"  

It's based on a true story about a few buddies who play the game "TAG" during the month of May every year for over 30 years. Tag evolves into much more than just a game for them: they play it to stay connected over the years as they all start their own lives.

A virtual fitness challenge such as Run The Year ® can do the same thing as the concept of "TAG" and is a terrific excuse to not lose touch with your friends and family. Whether they live down the street, 45 minutes away, or in a different country, being on a team keeps you all connected and accountable.  

What do you have to lose? It might be time to try something different!

Now is a great time to start feeling better physically and if you happen to stay connected with family and friends, it's just an amazing bonus. 

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