How to Not Hug a Runner Yet in 2021!

How to Not Hug a Runner Yet in 2021! - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

As much as we would love to share the sweat, we aren't quite at that point yet! In 2021 we still have to be a little careful about hugging, even among runners. This year we have come up with a few alternatives to hugging that can still spread positivity, humor, and joy among the running community, and don't even require you to break stride!

#1 The Classic Head Nod

All fellow runners and walkers will appreciate this sign of mutual acknowledgement! Plus, it looks pretty cool.

#2 Sustained Eye Contact

Make it sincere, but don't make it creepy!


#3 The Wave

This is a throwback to our 2020 Wave At A Runner Challenge! Everyone loves a cheerful wave as you pass them.


#4 The Wink

A more advanced form of Eye Contact, the wink is cheeky, unusual, and takes a lot more coordination than you'd think! 


#5 Enthusiastic Applause

You can offer the same emotional support as a hug without the contact! 

#6 Finger Guns

Quirky. Underutilized. Excellent when paired with The Wink and "pew pew" vocalization.

Which one will you use on your next run or walk?

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