Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 2: Kindness Un-Canceled

Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 2: Kindness Un-Canceled - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

Welcome to Week 2 of the Un-Canceled Project 2, Run The Edge’s free virtual challenge series that allows everyone to safely complete their canceled races, meetups, and events! In case you missed it, you can read about the last weeks’ themes  here

We are all exhausted from the stress of our current circumstances, so it can be easy to lash out and let our inner imbalance get the better of us. This week, however, we are going to be better than that. We are going to rise above our frustration and practice one of our most cherished un-cancelable human qualities: kindness. Kindness is more than simply “being nice.” Kindness means treating others (and ourselves) with compassion and empathy. It means opening your heart and extending your hands to welcome in others and make the world a brighter, gentler place. This week, focus on kindness and sincerity. Send kind messages to friends and strangers, leave kind comments, wave at passing cars, thank frontline workers, or anything you can think of to be extra kind.

The Run The Edge team is practicing kindness by building each other up, supporting each others’ projects, and showing off our pets on Zoom meetings!

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