Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 3: Joy Un-Canceled

Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 3: Joy Un-Canceled - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

Welcome to Week 3 of the Un-Canceled Project 2, Run The Edge’s free virtual challenge series that allows everyone to safely complete their canceled races, meetups, and events! In case you missed it, you can read about the last weeks’ themes  here

There’s no denying the fact that times are rough right now. We’re all restless, anxious, and uncertain about the future. It’s easy to lose yourself in the negativity of the circumstances. That’s why this week’s un-cancelable human quality, Joy, is so important right now! We always have a choice to make in life: we can either allow ourselves to be swept away by the gloom, or we can rise up and choose to seek joy even in the darkest of places. We naturally want to feel and share joy, but it can be all too easy to lose sight of it when we find ourselves in dire straits. Look around you and find the little things in life that bring you joy: small pleasures, the daily ups, and the tiny sparks that light us up! This week, share the simple things that bring you joy like talking with friends, being out in nature, singing in the car, or putting on a fresh pair of socks.

We at Run The Edge find joy in fresh coffee, cuddles from our pets, and seeing all of you rack up an insane number of miles!

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