IRL Turkey Trot Challenge!

Run A Real Turkey Trot, Win $200!

You Could Win $200 For Running Your Local Turkey Trot

Who knew that a holiday centered on eating good food and hanging out with family is also one of the most popular days to do a 5k? Turkey Trots have become as much a part of the Thanksgiving season as turkey and stuffing, and we’re celebrating this pairing of two of our favorite things (food and 5k’s) with a giveaway! Everyone in the FitLife Project for the month of November is eligible to enter. Read on to learn more!

Psst! Want to learn a bit more about the Tradition of the Turkey Trot road race and it's ever-growing popularity? Our very own Briana Boehmer gives you a little more perspective on the phenomenon in our latest blog.

Join FitLife, Run A Turkey Trot

We released a brand-new kind of FitLife Series this month: the “In Real Life” (IRL for short) Series. With the IRL Series, you can schedule actual races that you’ve registered for in the real world in your FitLife Tracker. You can also upload your very own race bib from your real-life event and it will appear as your badge once you complete the distance. If you’re planning on doing a Turkey Trot this month AND you’re in FitLife, you could win $200 just for logging your race in the tracker and uploading your bib!

Follow these steps if you want to participate:

Step 1.  Sign up for FitLife (if you haven’t already).

Step 2.  Sign up for (and complete!) a Turkey Trot.

Step 3.  Find the IRL (In Real Life) Series in your FitLife tracker and schedule your Turkey Trot!

Step 4.  Upload your bib in the FitLife Tracker by November 29th.

Step 5.  Hope that you’re one of our five lucky winners!

Contest Rules

The “In Real Life” Turkey Trot Challenge runs from November 20th to November 28th. All entries must be received by midnight eastern time on November 29th to be eligible. Winners will be selected on November 30th and contacted via email to claim their prize. Limit one entry per person.


→ Must be an active FitLife registrant.

→ Must participate in and complete a turkey trot race/live running event between November 20th and November 28th.

→ Must post your race bib OR a picture of you at the event to your FitLife calendar via the “In Real Life” series. 

→ Must be a U.S. resident.

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What Is The FitLife Project?

Unlimited Fitness Challenges in a One-of-a-Kind Community

The FitLife Project is the direct descendant of The Un-Canceled Project, a challenge series we created during the spring of 2020. Our intention was to combat the disappointment felt by the fitness community in the wake of so many canceled events by not only providing physical fitness challenges, but also presenting other positive aspects of life that cannot be canceled. These “un-cancelable” qualities showed us that virtual challenges have the power to motivate us to improve not only our physical health, but also the fitness of our minds. We wanted to create an enduring challenge that also addressed the mental and emotional aspects of health. These are equally important, and go hand-in-hand with the concept of a “Fit Life.” Our mission is to infuse the physical challenges with intention, positivity, and fun in order to strengthen the mind right alongside the body!

When you sign up for FitLife, you gain access to a wide range of virtual fitness challenges that you can schedule and complete as often as you want. Every month we offer BRAND NEW challenges for you to participate in. Earn your miles by walking or running the distances for the challenges you choose on the days you select. This Project exposes you to different distances, mindful exercise, and connects you to an online community also taking on the challenges! There is truly nothing like it!

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